Friday, March 7, 2014

Hawker's Delight 1st Trip

So if you've been looking for Singaporean and Malaysian food you've likely heard of Hawker Delight before; they are very well known for fairly authentic Singaporean and Malaysian food at very affordable prices.

Though in case you've haven't checked out Hawker Delight before, it's well worth the trip. Here's a snap shot of their menu to give an idea what they have:

(Apparently they serve Ice Kachang in the summer as well)

The Food:
I tried their Laska this time and have to say it's VERY impressive; the gravy is the distinct hai bee flavor and aroma with a very thick, gravy-like consistency. It's quite different from the Prima Laska packets (authentic flavor of Singaporean Laska) though equally as good.

The only grip I have is that they don't use the rice noodles you should have with laska which is substituted for the standard yellow wheat noodles (the type you may find in Prawn mee). I found the noodles a little soggy by the time I ate it which may have simply been because I tao bao ( took it to-go) rather than eating there.

Along with their laska I tried their stuffed bean curd (satay sauce, bean sprouts, cucumbers, and sweet sauce) which is pretty good at $0.85/bean curd (unfortunately I didn't grab a picture of this though it's nothing really picture worthy). The bean curd is good though it could use a bit more satay sauce. I'd much rather go for their vegetable fritters next time.

The Location:
If you guys been to Hawker Delight before you know you won't go there for the decor; it isn't a really big eatery. There are only about seats for 30 or so people in a stall smaller than your typical boutique shop though it's not so much about the decor but the FOOD. (which is GOOD and value for money)

Another thing is that the place is self-serve (though they do deliver the food to your table) you can take free flow tea and water on the table to the side of the ordering.

It typically gets pretty cram once people start coming in for lunch or dinner so I typically would take it to-go.

This hole in the wall is owned by a Singaporean couple and seems to be family run, the food is as authentic as you may find in Vancouver and very reasonably priced! If you have the chance it would be a good choice to check it out and grab their laska as well as char kway teow (both really good choices). Many people seem to go for their mee goreng and nasi goreng as well though I haven't tried that yet.

Opening Hours: Please note their current opening hours is 12PM-9PM Monday to Saturday. If you search online there may be some details that says 11AM though I think that's outdated; came at 11:30 and they were closed...So finally took a picture of their opening hours.

Address: 4127 Main St, Vancouver, British Columbia V5V 3P6, Canada
Phone #: +1 604-709-8188

Menu:  Here are some pictures of their menu:

More Information: If you're really on, you can check out some more reviews and pictures here.
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hello Foodies,

Welcome to SGFoodsYVR!

My name is Benjamin and I was born in Singapore; being someone who SERIOUSLY enjoys Singaporean food (...seriously, to the point of searching up Google Images Singapore food and browsing numerous Singaporean food Blogs like the infamous ishootieatipost)

Personally, it was surprisingly to see the # of Singaporean and Malaysian eateries in Vancouver. Maybe, it may be useful to have a site to note all the different Singaporean and Malaysian food in Vancouver with some comments + pictures so if you're craving a fix of south east Asian, you don't need to "waste your calories on yuky food".

I hope this blog can help you find all the BEST MAKAN Places for Singaporean Food in Vancouver.

Please share your support and message me any recommendations or requests you may have. I hope to try as many main dishes to post some comments or reviews on them. Basically this is what you will find on SGFoodsYVR:
- A blog noting new additions and food adventures
- Pages on the blog covering different Singaporean and Malaysian restaurants added with the menu, and reviews on their dishes (from the blog food adventures)