Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hello Foodies,

Welcome to SGFoodsYVR!

My name is Benjamin and I was born in Singapore; being someone who SERIOUSLY enjoys Singaporean food (...seriously, to the point of searching up Google Images Singapore food and browsing numerous Singaporean food Blogs like the infamous ishootieatipost)

Personally, it was surprisingly to see the # of Singaporean and Malaysian eateries in Vancouver. Maybe, it may be useful to have a site to note all the different Singaporean and Malaysian food in Vancouver with some comments + pictures so if you're craving a fix of south east Asian, you don't need to "waste your calories on yuky food".

I hope this blog can help you find all the BEST MAKAN Places for Singaporean Food in Vancouver.

Please share your support and message me any recommendations or requests you may have. I hope to try as many main dishes to post some comments or reviews on them. Basically this is what you will find on SGFoodsYVR:
- A blog noting new additions and food adventures
- Pages on the blog covering different Singaporean and Malaysian restaurants added with the menu, and reviews on their dishes (from the blog food adventures)